dinsdag 17 mei 2011

Developer license windows phone 7: how to deploy step by step

Yesterday I got a phone call telling me that the WP7 developer license is ready to be used.  Here is my user experience with deploying my first application.

At first I had to register the phone as a developer phone.  This was pretty easy, all I had to do was type Windows Phone Developer Registration in the start menu and select the tool to do this.

Then the tool launched and I was given the option to input my credentials.

One small notice is that I had 2 errors in the beginning
  1.    I got a network error telling me it could not connect or my credentials were wrong: this was due to the fact that I am behind a corporate proxy that blocks the zune traffic.
  2.    I got an error telling me my phone was not connected but that was solved by just reconnecting it.
Ow yeah, and don’t forget to unlock your screen to…
Then when the registration was completed I could open up my solution and start deploying my project.  You can deploy in two ways.  Either you deploy from within Visual Studio or you do it manually with the Application Deployment tool (just type it in the ├╝ber start menu).

Again a small notice is that I got an error (again) telling me that my phone wasn’t connected.  If that’s the case then just reconnect it.
In Visual Studio you just have to change the device you want to deploy at in the top menu and start debugging or deploying (= right click project and deploy…).

That’s how easy it was =)
Next time I’ll give a small showcase of the KCalorator app we’ve build.

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